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DC Mitzvah Photography | Mitzvah Photojournalism by Rodney Bailey
Rodney Bailey specializes in bringing high quality, unique, and stylish images to DC Mitzvah Photography.
Mitzvah Photography.

Best in the Business for DC Mitzvah Photography
If you're looking for a Mitzvah photographer, you've probably got a list of the style you want, the package, and pricing. While those are key factors to keep in mind, so is the type of person the photographer is. Over the years, my team and I have gained the reputation as the best DC has to offer, not just from photography magazines, but, more importantly, from individual clients. Every ounce of passion we have for creating beautiful images goes into telling your story and making the experience of working together a great one. We don't insert ourselves, but rather follow a photojournalistic style that captures the true moments you'll want to remember.
Customer Service: A Top Priority
There is nothing more important to me than the customer being satisfied with the final prints. I know that I'm being entrusted with one of the most important days in my clients' lives and going above and beyond is a given because it's what you deserve. Whatever it takes to get that perfect shot, I'm going to do it and so is everyone else on my team. From the beginning, I'm setting out to make these photographs special, giving you more than what you ever expected.
Mitzvah Day
For most people there's a degree of anxiety, not only because of the importance of the event, but also the idea of being photographed. Everyone wants to look good in photos, especially in ones from their Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and the best way to do that is relax and enjoy the moment. I like to keep the atmosphere light, laughter and movement are integral parts of the shoots. I've found it's the best way for people to have fun and still get stunning, natural photographs.
The Work Speaks for Itself
As much as I'm about providing a fun and relaxed, albeit professional, experience, I know that for many people it's going to come down to the photographs. I'm happy to say the work speaks for itself and the only types of images our clients ever go home with are exquisite, with every shot reflecting superior quality, focus, lighting, and setting. The photos will recall the incredible milestone of your Mitzvah perfectly for years to come.
Mitzvah-Decor_Rodney Bailey-Mitzvah-Photography-Rodney-Bailey-DC-Photojournalism-Mitzvah-Photographer_0017Mitzvah-Decor_Rodney Bailey-Mitzvah-Photography-Rodney-Bailey-DC-Photojournalism-Mitzvah-Photographer_0019Mitzvah-Decor_Rodney Bailey-Mitzvah-Photography-Rodney-Bailey-DC-Photojournalism-Mitzvah-Photographer_0018Mitzvah-Decor_Rodney Bailey-Mitzvah-Photography-Rodney-Bailey-DC-Photojournalism-Mitzvah-Photographer_0020Mitzvah-Decor_Rodney Bailey-Mitzvah-Photography-Rodney-Bailey-DC-Photojournalism-Mitzvah-Photographer_0022Mitzvah-Decor_Rodney Bailey-Mitzvah-Photography-Rodney-Bailey-DC-Photojournalism-Mitzvah-Photographer_0023Mitzvah-Decor_Rodney Bailey-Mitzvah-Photography-Rodney-Bailey-DC-Photojournalism-Mitzvah-Photographer_0021Mitzvah-Decor_Rodney Bailey-Mitzvah-Photography-Rodney-Bailey-DC-Photojournalism-Mitzvah-Photographer_0024Mitzvah-Decor_Rodney Bailey-Mitzvah-Photography-Rodney-Bailey-DC-Photojournalism-Mitzvah-Photographer_0025Mitzvah-Decor_Rodney Bailey-Mitzvah-Photography-Rodney-Bailey-DC-Photojournalism-Mitzvah-Photographer_0026Mitzvah-Decor_Rodney Bailey-Mitzvah-Photography-Rodney-Bailey-DC-Photojournalism-Mitzvah-Photographer_0027Mitzvah-Decor_Rodney Bailey-Mitzvah-Photography-Rodney-Bailey-DC-Photojournalism-Mitzvah-Photographer_0028Mitzvah-Decor_Rodney Bailey-Mitzvah-Photography-Rodney-Bailey-DC-Photojournalism-Mitzvah-Photographer_0029Mitzvah-Decor_Rodney Bailey-Mitzvah-Photography-Rodney-Bailey-DC-Photojournalism-Mitzvah-Photographer_0030Mitzvah-Decor_Rodney Bailey-Mitzvah-Photography-Rodney-Bailey-DC-Photojournalism-Mitzvah-Photographer_0031Mitzvah-Decor_Rodney Bailey-Mitzvah-Photography-Rodney-Bailey-DC-Photojournalism-Mitzvah-Photographer_0032Mitzvah-Decor_Rodney Bailey-Mitzvah-Photography-Rodney-Bailey-DC-Photojournalism-Mitzvah-Photographer_0033Mitzvah-Decor_Rodney Bailey-Mitzvah-Photography-Rodney-Bailey-DC-Photojournalism-Mitzvah-Photographer_0034Mitzvah-Decor_Rodney Bailey-Mitzvah-Photography-Rodney-Bailey-DC-Photojournalism-Mitzvah-Photographer_0035Mitzvah-Decor_Rodney Bailey-Mitzvah-Photography-Rodney-Bailey-DC-Photojournalism-Mitzvah-Photographer_0036

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