Wednesday, April 16, 2014 - 6:30 -to- 7:45 PM (Doors open at 6 pm)

Mason's Arlington Campus - Founders Hall Auditorium (Map below)

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Featuring: Maggie Daniels, Monte Durham, Carrie Wosicki, Rodney Bailey,"Real Life" Guest Lauren Holman,Paul Wilson, Welcome by Sarah Cissna and Moderator Toni Andrews

The wedding industry is hot and the economic impact is real. With several reality

TV shows and hit movies, multiple businesses and new start-up technologies to accommodate the “big day,” the wedding business is booming. Add to that

plenty of emotional components from angst to elation, and you have an

interesting study about social and family relationships, economics and culture.

Why do we spend so much time, money and emotion on a single event? What is

the impact on family relationships and finances? How can couples balance

starry-eyed dreams with practical realities? What impact do changing social and

cultural influences play? How does this giant industry affect local economies and jobs?

Be part of the discussion with our expert panel & "Real Life" guests!

NEW! Enter your name to play "Go To The Podium" a quiz game to get us primed for discussion. One audience member's name will be drawn for their chance to go to the podium and attempt to correctly answer five multiple choice questions on the topic. For each correct answer, $100.00 will be donated toward a Mason scholarship program. Special thanks to Burke & Herbert Bank for servingEngagement-Session-Washington-DC-photography
Baltimore-Maryland-Wedding Photography

as this event's "Go to the Podium" Scholarship Sponsor!

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