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6701 Janway Road
Henrico,VA 23228

There are many event companies, meeting planners,
a/v companies and lighting companies. What makes Ampa stand out is our focus on creativity along with the unification of all major event services under one roof. Ampa is not only creative in an artistic sense, but we are also creative in our approach to serving clients. Ampa's creative event design result in a maximization of our clients’ budget, yielding the best bang for the buck. It is our extensive skill set as a company and our creative capabilities that gives us the ability to serve our clients in this manner. No matter what the budget, Ampa’s creative approach to getting the job done and exceeding the client's expectations puts Ampa at the forefront in design and production for events and stage elements

Some businesses just sprout up. True for Ampa also, but when it all started to happen in the 90's, much thought went into What We Will Be? Amphitheater, in classical Greece, the embodiment of all production services for entertainment, thought, political and philosophical statements, a gathering place for communities. The association fit perfectly. Ampa, a complete source of production services and equipment for entertainment, to support a message, branding, heighten awareness of causes and fun.

It’s up to you. As a Richmond-based company with offices in Norfolk and Washington, D.C., we’re here to serve local, regional and national clients. Let us help you start celebrating, commemorating and bringing people together.

As a Richmond Base touring, design and event production services company, we're here to serve.

email: info@ampaevents | v: (800) 358-5451 | f: (804) 358-0572 | 6701 Janway Rd. Henrico, VA 23228 | follow us:

Virginia • Washington DC • Maryland • North Carolina & Touring

Lighting Design/Rigging
Technical Building
Materials Analysis
Scenic Painting
Web Design
Video Editing
Hard Coat Technique
Meeting Planning
Prop & Stage Design
Foam Carving
Graphic Design
Video Integration
Custom Gobo Design
Production Technology
Color Study
Auto Cad Design Renderings
Auto Cad Design Shop Projects

Skill Set - Continued

Prop Shop
Event Management
Technical Directors
Production Scheduling
Trade Show Services / Management
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