How to Select the Perfect Engagement Ring for your Perfect Love It’s proposal season! We asked expert, Eric Sharabany with Curavere to share his advice on selecting the perfect engagement ring. Eric Sharabany brings years of experience in the jewelry industry to lead Curavere. Eric received a BBA and an MBA from University of Miami FL before obtaining a Graduate Gemologist Degree from the Gemological Institute of America and becoming a member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers. He worked with his father from 2008 - 2013 before venturing to Jared the Galleria of Jewelry and Tiffany & Company. Curavere is a way for Eric to re-launch his father's 35 year old business of Esterman Estate Jewelers for a new generation founded in a heritage and network unlike any other. A commitment to become engaged is one of the most beautiful, important, and treasured moments two partners can experience together as they journey jointly through life. An engagement ring is the prized symbol of this commitment and selecting it is a process that must be treated with the utmost care and respect: selecting a perfect ring for your perfect love. Every step taken to choose this stunning symbol must reflect this approach of care and respect. One of the most important/critical aspects of choosing an engagement ring is to begin by making sure you understand the needs, tastes, and desires of the partner who will be receiving the ring. While the ring should be a work of art reflecting the sacred bond between the two partners, it is also an opportunity to show you truly know the needs of your partner. The person receiving the ring should thus be able to answer, "What does my partner want to see in this symbol?" "What is most important?" An engagement ring is built upon the foundation of a person's unique individual tastes. Once these needs are understood, then it is very important to have a professional guide you through the steps of finding a ring. Whether an ultra fancy custom designed piece or a simple and classic center stone in an open setting, it is very important that no question is left unanswered and absolutely no pressure is put on the purchaser. This is a process that needs to be enjoyed. A true professional will be happy to take things step by step. You need to be 100% comfortable, 100% of the time. Once the ideas and needs of the recipient have been communicated, the professional should be able to start developing an action plan to provide options, be it different diamonds/colored stones at different price points, or different design possibilities for a setting. The focus, no matter what, is to create a unique piece of art reflecting how special and one of a kind your partner is. We don't recommend buying an engagement ring simply "off the shelf" because these have been designed for anyone who happens to purchase it and be there at that moment. A designed ring ensures it is made for you and only you. The professional and the purchaser should be exchanging ideas as the project comes together. The professional will guide the process, but it should be the purchaser pushing things forward on their own desires, timetable and budget. At the end of the road the engagement ring will be a gorgeous fusion of premium quality and artistic inspiration. The technical aspects will sort themselves out, but the theme of the bond between partners is what the finished product needs to exemplify. So to summarize, when picking an engagement ring it is most important to: · Take the time to truly understand the recipient's style desires · Decide how you want your bond to be represented · Find a true professional who can act upon your wishes · Never simply buy "off the shelf" · Stick to your desires, timeline and budget. · Enjoy the process and let the ring be a true representation of your love Credit: Eric Sharabany, Curavere and The Knot The Washington DC area makes an amazing backdrop for wedding photography. Wedding Photography by Rodney Bailey. The Beauty of a Personal Jeweler Starts with Curavere Stemming from the heritage of Esterman Estate Jewelers’ 35 years as a premier jewelry storefront in the Maryland area, Curavere now offers the luxury of a personal jeweler with the global network of a large scale brand with Eric Sharabany, the son of Esterman Estate co-founder, Steven Sharabany, taking over the family business. Curavere works through an exclusive one-on-one appointment system to ensure that whether you are looking to custom design an engagement ring, desiring a one of a kind estate piece or looking for fair market and personal jewelry appraisals, our G.I.A. certified staff are able to cater to your needs efficiently and honestly. We also have a large selection of estate jewelry which has been carefully curated to offer pieces with heritage, beauty and one of a kind gems. As buyers of estate jewelry we offer clients the peace of mind that their pieces will be bought at market price and paid-for upon receipt. 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