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Daughters of the American Revolution: The Capital’s Awarded Venue
Every feature of the DAR Wedding venue is simply classic. If you are looking for a historical beauty then fix your eyes upon the capital’s timeless treasure. As you approach the stairs to the entrance and behold the massive columns and the intricate detail of the architectural design, you will envision your special day before you’ve even stepped inside. Upon entering you will be delightfully charmed by the grand Pennsylvania Foyer. Marble sculptures of the country’s founding fathers and the original first lady, Martha Washington array the walls with bold history. This marvelous entrance is included in any rental, which is just the beginning.
The Wedding
Just a few blocks from the White House, directly across from the Ellipse, this historic site is in the heart of the Nation’s capital, making it very easy to access. DAR has a breath-taking interior and magnificent views of the Washington Memorial which make it ideal for naturalistic wedding photography.
The perfect pairing is with the O’ Byrne Gallery and the Portico Weddings-DC, as they are adjacent to one another. The O’ Byrne Gallery is an elegant area for a cocktail hour or romantic dinner reception for 140 seated guests. At $600 an hour, fall in love with the herringbone wood floors, to the barreled ceilings, and the impressive crown molding.
DAR provides a lovely outdoor wedding reception or ceremony, with one of their most popular areas- the Portico. Though it cannot be rented by itself, it pairs flawlessly with the O’Byrne Gallery. At a reasonable price of $250 an hour, this space is excellent for a ceremony or reception. The treasure about the Portico is the circular rotunda that shelters guest. Imagine a picture perfect evening of dancing surrounded by glorious columns, with a balcony overlooking the Washington Memorial-simply astoning!
There is an uncovered area of the patio that does allow a tent at an additional cost. For a higher capacity of guest, it is recommended to do without the covering which altogether allows 200 guests standing. If you would like arranged seating the maximum capacity is 120, which a perfect size for an intimate ceremony or reception.
And let us not forget the beauty of the Banquet Hall. A very intimate sized room for 100 seated guests, which will create a true royal setting. The Banquet Hall is embellished with crystal chandeliers, decorative oriental rugs and gorgeous antique furniture, which adds to a perfect wedding evening. This room is available for $600 an hour as well.
DAR: Historical Facts
Founded in 1890, the Daughters of the American Revolution has remained a prestigious lineage-based organization committed to serving the communities of this nation. The members are comprised of direct descendants from those involved in the independence of the United States. Among some of the notable members are Susan B. Anthony and Jane Addams. Within the 125 years of being established, in communities all across the country, DAR members have provided several millions of hours of outstanding community service. During both the World Wars, the Daughters of American Revolution played a significant role for supporting their service men and women. In WWII they provided 197,000 care packages for soldiers, and provided a children’s nursery in the basement of the Constitutional Hall for enlisted families. These facts and more are just a glimpse of the rich, historical beauty this venue has to offer.
Directions to DAR
With just 2 blocks from the White House, directly across from the western side of the Ellipse, the DAR building is impossible to miss. It is located at 1776 D St. NW and is approximately 4 blocks north of the World War II Memorial. The several DAR buildings are situated on the entire block between 17th and 18th, and C and D Streets NW. Once you have arrived on 17th, the DAR wedding venue is right in the midst of C and D street.
There are parking garages located in the area on New York and Pennsylvania Avenues and 17 and 18th Streets along with metered street parking.
The Farragut West Metro station is nearby at 17th and I(eye) Street NW.
Special arrangements can be made to coordinate with nearby garages and valet services to accommodate guest, please ask your venues and renters.