Rodney Bailey offers exceptional service, experience, and style as the most sought after wedding and engagement photographer in the Northern Virginia area.

My Journey to Becoming a Wedding Photographer in DC
Hi, I'm Rodney Bailey and I live to capture the precious moments of your special day. When I bought my first camera package at age 12, I didn't know I was starting the journey that would lead me to the chapel, but here I am. For 27 blissful years, I've been fortunate enough to photograph countless weddings in Washington DC. There's no part of the process, from preparation to ceremony and festivities that I don't love. Wedding photography for me is about letting the process unfold, capturing the explosion of emotions and hidden tender moments between family, friends, and the happy couple.
My Photography Style - Natural, Photojournalistic, Editorial
Before every wedding, I meet the couple and what I love best is hearing their story, seeing it come alive in front of me as they talk and interact with each other. This is the style that I bring with to my wedding photography. I'm not looking to impose, set up, or manipulate shots. My work is to watch the relationships and personal interactions, to catch the natural drama of the day. At weddings nearly every moment is budding with excitement and the best photographs to encapsulate the day are the intimate candids when people are lost in their own world.
Professional Experience, Style, and Service
After a quarter century of doing wedding photography in Washington DC, my team and I offer the best in the business. It's been interesting watching the unobtrusive approach I love to shoot weddings in become trendy and delightful to be featured in countless wedding magazines as well as honored with the title of Top Wedding Photojournalist by the Washingtonian Magazine for 16 years straight. All that aside, at the end of the day each wedding is unique and I approach it with fresh eyes. This is how I can maintain a freshness and originality that makes the affair all about the individuals and working with them to get exactly what they want.
Stress Free
Even though weddings are one of the happiest days of people's lives, they bring with them a good deal of stress. I set out to make the day worry free, leaving the couple able to bask in the beauty of the moment. I love hearing from the couples how relaxed they felt and that the photographer lifted all the worries from the day. It's important that they know that, while I may sink into the background, I'm always there, ready to capture every detail.

Proposal Photographer Washington DC
As a true story telling photographer I truly love capturing surprise proposal images. This is one of those special moments for a couple and should be documented. The true benefit from having a professional photographer photograph this start of a couple journey is you will be able to relive these moment time and again. Washington DC offers such amazing backdrops for a proposal, we work with our clients to give suggestions and make the process stress free. This what you can expect when you post your images on social media

We’re getting married!!!
She said yes!!!
Soo happy!!!
And since your entire social network will be seeing the special moment, why not put the photo in the hands of a professional photographer?
Fun facts about proposals in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland
The months between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day are what the wedding biz likes to call “proposal season.”The Knot, a wedding Web site, estimates that more than 30 percent of proposals take place in this 2½-month window, when the nearness of family during the holidays may inspire the question to be popped. More than 50 percent of couples post the news of their engagement on Facebook within 24 hours, the Knot says.


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