A Secret Park-Engagement-Photos-Spanish-Steps-Washington-DC
The park’s secluded location and cloak of lush greenery give the steps an intimate – almost secret – feeling. As the only D.C. park to occupy a city street, its unorthodox location gives the impression that one has stumbled upon a special place in the midst of the city.
Tucked away in one of the city’s toniest neighborhoods (and the topic of an upcoming neighborhood profile) are the Spanish Steps, a beautiful solution to a topographical dilemma.
Located on what would be 22nd Street NW, just below S Street and above Decatur Place (map), the steps were constructed in 1911 on a slope deemed to steep for carriages. Instead of continuing 22nd Street, city planners built steps to allow pedestrians to cross.
What may have been a simple staircase in another era became the Spanish Steps in the early 20th century; at the time, city planners were deep into the “City Beautiful“ philosophy, believing that beauty would instill in residents a sense of civic duty and pride.

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