Washingtonian Best of Event

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Join more than 2,000 guests, celebrities, and restaurateurs at the AT&T Best Of Washington party for an evening of delicious bites, tasty drinks, and great conversation. This event is the highlight of the season and sells out every year!

100 Best Restaurants

In the local food universe, this wasn’t a year of splashy openings, Michelin-starred-chef arrivals, or seismic shifts in how we eat. White-tablecloth restaurants, once thought to be on life support, are still around (some even have stools to put purses on), but you can eat astonishingly well at the bistro or ramen house around the corner, too. And yet when putting this list together, we found loads of surprises. Just look at our top-ten ranking of the area’s very best restaurants: It includes not only tasting-menu destinations but also a basement Thai kitchen, a sophisticated wine bar, and a Middle Eastern small-plates institution where you can find a thrilling feast for around $40 a person. Exciting newcomers abound, from a fabulous Jewish deli to a standard-setting Japanese izakaya. In many ways, the Washington dining scene has never been more varied and vibrant—or more delicious.
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