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Maryland Wedding Photographers | MD Wedding Photography Rodney Bailey
Rodney Bailey and team bring unparalleled experience, customer service, and stunning photography to Maryland weddings.

Perfect Moments Captured by Maryland Wedding Photographers
Having worked hundreds of weddings now, I know that capturing the perfect moment means going into each wedding like it's the first one. Together, the couple and I plan how things will go, what kind of photographs they want, but ultimately it's a general outline and the beauty of each individual story and romance comes down to the spontaneity and individual personalities that each wedding day offers. Working in Maryland as wedding photographers, my team and I have a plethora of gorgeous landscapes and architecture to capture each unique couple and their journey.
Working Naturally with People and Places
The most evocative images are the candid moments, when a photographer captures the unsuspecting subject. It's the approach I'm dedicated to during weddings because it's how I can best combine the candid moments of each couple, their family, and friends with the natural beauty of Maryland's locations. I love all parts of the wedding, especially secret moments and the quiet anticipation that builds as everyone gets ready for the big event. Emotions run high and express themselves in a variety of ways; I stay out of the way to let them happen naturally, but ready with the camera to catch them as they come.
Unrivaled Experience and Service
My team and I have been photographing weddings in Maryland for a quarter century and we provide a level of experience and service no one else can beat. It's not just about taking stunning photographs, but about finding the perfect way to commemorate your individual romance and relationships. The happiest day of your life deserves the very best and that's how I come into every photo shoot, ready to go above and beyond. I'm thinking about what you need and want on your special day.
Trust and Reliable Results
Photography is all about relationships, whether it's the between the subjects in the frame or the photographer and subject, or any number of elements. Over the years, I've built countless relationships through trust and by providing results. It's not just taking stylish, high quality, and beautiful photos, but also about getting them to you how and when you want them. There's awards and magazine editorials that back the quality of our work, but we prefer the grateful review of happy clients when they get the photographs that will keep their wedding as clear as if it happened yesterday.
About Us: Rodney Bailey and his team of passionate photographers have been pioneering wedding photography in the Washington DC-Northern Virginia area for nearly a quarter century. Featured in countless magazines, they not only bring original award winning quality and style to their work, but an exceptional level of customer service when setting out to capture the beautiful moments of each special day.
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