1234 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Long View Gallery - Washington DC Art Gallery
Long View Gallery offers a modern gallery space as a beautiful backdrop for wedding day "I Do's"
All visions can become realities at our location.
Long View Gallery accommodates up to 175 guests for "I Do's" and up to 200 guests for party.
P'ART Gallery, P'ART Event Space, Weddings at Long View Gallery are All Art.
Long View Gallery opened in 2006 as a small, Washington, D.C. gallery focused mainly on local artists. Nearly ten successful years of business have seen us grow in many respects: our team has grown from one to six, our roster of artists has grown from just local to international and our space has grown from 1000 to nearly 9000 square feet, the largest contemporary art gallery in the city. Long View Gallery operates as the premiere fine art and event space in Washington, D.C.
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