Rodney Bailey Wedding & Event Photography
1234 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Long View Gallery offers a modern gallery space as a beautiful backdrop for wedding day "I Do's"
All visions can become realities at our location.
Long View Gallery accommodates up to 175 guests for "I Do's" and up to 200 guests for party.
P'ART Gallery, P'ART Event Space, Weddings at Long View Gallery are All Art.
Monumental photographs on your wedding day.
Have your heart set on wedding day photographs in front of the monuments on or near the Mall? Then choose a venue for your wedding in a DC neighborhood near the monuments, preferably in Foggy Bottom, downtown or Capitol Hill. If you are not getting married nearby to the monuments, those photographs may not work with your wedding day schedule. You will need to plan at least double the amount of time you might expect for travel as traffic can be unpredictable. The last thing you want is the extra stress of possibly being late to your ceremony or reception.

Searching for the perfect reception?

Galleryies,Hotels, restaurants or Clubs, which provide all in one service and facilities many times can be less expensive, and relieve you of the stress of coordinating the wedding reception.

Be sure you see the room or locations where the reception will take be.Have the room name, or description, written on your contract to confirm the area you will be using.
When comparing cost of different locations, don¡¯t forget to add in the cost of rental equipment, such as tables, chairs, glasses, plates, silver and serving dishes, if you are considering a location that has none of these items included.

Photography by Rodney Bailey
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