Meridian House Weddings Washington DC Venue Washington D.C’s Historic Wedding Haven Within this beautiful, historic city stands the awe-inspiring masterpiece-the Meridian House. Located in the heart of Washington D.C, this artfully designed jewel has been the ideal wedding venue for centuries. Amongst all that was designed by the renowned American architect, John Russell Pope, which include the Jefferson Memorial and National Archives, it is this extravagant building that crowns his work. This artfully crafted venue will give any wedding a sense of grandeur with being but a short distance from the iconic White House. The Meridian House has been described as “Perhaps as fine a piece of work of its kind as this country can show” and that “it cannot from its nature do otherwise than set a standard which should endure permanently”. One glance of the elegant, limestone facade, the gorgeous oak doors, and the mesmerizing Linden tree groves, and the exterior alone will leave you speechless. As your eyes fixate on the powerful Latin inscription "uo habitat felicitas nil entret mali" translated, “where happiness dwells, evil will not enter” you will have no doubt this is the dream destination for a wedding. Weddings at the Meridian House Located in a popular area of the city, the Meridian House makes it easily accessible to your guest. They provide their private parking lot that accommodates up to 30 vehicles. That does not include the numerous parking on Belmont Street and Crescent Place. The grand stone walls that encompass the building offer a private and quiet retreat within the city. Manicured gardens and romantic fountains make the gorgeous 3 acre courtyard a perfect location for the reception or ceremony, which can comfortably seat up to 150 guests. Not to mention the natural foliage that provides a stunning backdrop for your wedding photography. Within the Meridian House there is a grand dining room, a reception hall, library and drawing rooms which all provide an exceptional place for a cocktail reception which can seat up to 200 guests or a night of dancing and dining which allows up to 190 guests. The Price of Extravagance This award-winning wedding venue comes at a very reasonable cost, considering the prestigious reputation and historic, classic beauty. The Meridian House is a perfect all in one ideal wedding venue. It is highly recommended on doing an outdoor ceremony, along with a cocktail hour in the Linden Grove and a night of dinner and dancing inside the extravagant rooms available. The price of the this glamour mansion are based on the high and low peak seasons for wedding events. The high season rate starts at $12,000 while the low season rates start at $8,000. With all that the authentic, antique beauty that the Meridian House offers, the necessity for decor is minimal. One cannot simply put a price on the timeless wedding day memories at the prestigious Meridian House. Travel to the Meridian House From Downtown: To arrive at the Meridian House, you simply head north on 16th street. Cross Florida Avenue and make the next left-hand turn on Belmont Street. Belmont is a horseshoe-shaped street that turns into the Crescent Place. You will see the first opening of a cobblestone pavement and the Meridian House will be on the right following the turn. From Alexandria: Take I-395 N across 14th Street bridge, take Route 1 exit towards downtown and continue on 14th street for about 2.2 miles turn left on U street and right on 16th and continue north for another 2 blocks and turn left on Belmont and follow directions as stated. There are several hotels and lovely lodging destinations for your out-of-town guests. Bring your guests near and far and give them a breath-taking experience at one of the finest wedding venues in the D.C area-the Meridian House. Rodney-Bailey-Wedding-Photography-Meridian-House-DC

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