PARTY-SMARTY _Magnolia Bluebird design & events just for Bar and Bar Mitzvah parents

Planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah? This is a Party You Won't Want to Miss!

We know it can be overwhelming to plan your Bar or Bat Mitzvah,
even if you have done it before. We also know that there is
a lot of information available and that sometimes,
it is hard to decide just what is right for you.
We want to help get you get started in the right direction.
We are delighted to introduce PARTY SMARTY!
A first-of-its kind, complimentary information session hosted by
Magnolia Bluebird design & events just for Bar and Bar Mitzvah parents.
Join us when we share our professional tips and professional expertise to help you figure it all out with less frustration, in less time and on the right foot.
Tuesday, November 10th
The Loft at 4935
2 Sessions Available
10:30 am- 12:00 pm

7:00 pm- 8:30 pm

This event is complimentary to attend, but registration is required.
Thank you to our event sponsors Party Favorites and The Loft at 4935.
Questions? Feel free to contact us: [email protected]
Mazel Tov! Like many of our clients you are excited about the journey that lies ahead for your child as they prepare to become a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. You may also be a bit nervous or even overwhelmed about when and where to begin, particularly if you have never done this before. Your friends and family are likely offering their generous advice about which DJ is the best, or which caterer was incredible. Perhaps you have never been to a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or maybe you've been to a dozen and this is your second or third childs' coming of age. Either way, you've realized that in between school plays, carpool, sports practices, weekend tournaments, Hebrew school, tutoring lessons, work and volunteering, you just don't have the time to plan your Simcah and still enjoy all that life has to offer during this special time in your childs' life. Each one of our clients celebrates in a way that is truly unique to them. What they all have in common is that they want to host a sophisticated and fun celebration that honors the true meaning of the occasion and is in keeping with their family's goals, priorities and values.
We have been planning and designing B'nai Mitzvah for over a decade and we utilize our education, hands on experience, cutting edge technology, industry relationships and eye for detail to serve as your professional planner, designer, advocate and information curator. In the ever changing landscape of Bar and Bat Mitzvahs we've come to realize that there is just too much information out there and that it is nearly impossible to decipher what is quality, dependable and ultimately the best fit for you and your family, particularly if you are unsure of what you need or are looking for.
We firmly believe that our three-pronged approach of "Thoughtful Design, Gracious Hospitality and Well Executed Events" is what truly sets us apart. It is all encompassing. We focus on getting to know you so that we can plan and design your celebration that is a thoughtful and accurate reflection of who your child is and the meaning of the celebration, taking into consideration the goals and expectations that we set without compromising quality or standards. We believe that each element should graciously elevate the experience not only for our clients but also for their guests. Lastly, we produce and execute our events from start to finish with your hand-selected team for the most seamless, quality and professional results, trouble shooting along the way so that you can relax and enjoy all that party day has in store for you.
We specialize in full planning so that we can offer the most comprehesive and detailed experience for our clients. We only take on one event per weekend and a limited number of engagements per year so that we can ensure our standard of quality and service and attention to our deserving clientele. We do offer hourly consulting and a limited number of Month-Of Coordination dates on a case by case basis. Custom destination planning packages are also available.
Photography by Rodney Bailey
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