Rosemont-Manor-1811-Berryville-Virginia-Wedding-Ceremony-Reception Historic-Rosemont-Manor Berryville-Virginia-Weddings Historic-Rosemont-Manor Berryville-Virginia-Wedding-Ceremony-Reception 16 Rosemont Manor Lane, Berryville, VA 22611 Historic Rosemont is Where Elegance Meets History Once a respite for DC's elite, Rosemont is now Northern VA's premier B&B and Special Events Venue. Call 703-879-5683 or 540-955-2834 for info on events, lodging, and more! Is Rosemont the perfect location for your dream wedding? Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what our brides are saying: Your Rosemont Wedding. “Rosemont was a dream come true. When John and I walked in, it just felt so right – we knew we were hooked. It was like comparing apples and oranges to other venues because of what Rosemont could offer in their all-inclusive First Lady wedding packages. We went for the ultimate Jackie O package and were so glad that we did. All of our immediate family, bridal party, and a few other relatives were able to stay on site thanks to the extra cottages that Rosemont renovated.” – Whitney See Whitney’s Video Testimony Here: Historic Rosemont Manor Wedding: Whitney’s Story “My wedding at Rosemont turned out to be just the way I wanted it! I felt like I was in a fairytale the entire day. The staff was so organized from the very beginning months prior to the wedding, which made the big day a breeze. They helped me to plan the day just the way I wanted it, and gave wonderful advice to help make the day run smoothly. My wedding was beautiful and I wish I could do it all over again!” – Tatiana “Simply Gorgeous and Romantic! Jay and I got married here at Rosemont Manor overlooking the beautiful grounds. It was my fairytale wedding! The grounds at Rosemont are absolutely stunning. Once you go past the lobby, be sure to check out the front portico and balcony and you will understand why we fell in love at first sight. Another bonus was being able to accommodate our entire bridal party to stay the entire wedding weekend under one roof. We ended our venue search here. Our reception was in the Carriage House on the property which is honestly the best. Our wedding was so romantic thanks to this place. You don’t even need that many decorations – they would simply lose the competition with the view. Also if you have special dietary requirements for your party, Celebrations Catering is very accommodating. The chefs were very creative and came up with delicious dishes that also looked beautiful! The Rosemont staff worked tirelessly to accommodate us and answer any questions and help us every step of the way throughout the entire planning process. We used the Byrd’s Nest Honeymoon Cottage to get dressed as well as for our honeymoon suite and could not have been happier with the room and the service. Very romantic and luxurious. We are very much looking forward to coming back here for our future anniversaries. Thank you to the Rosemont family for creating the most perfect place for our wedding!” – Krista “Here are some of the main reasons why Rosemont was the perfect place for my wedding – and really, just about any Virginia wedding: 1. Gorgeous Location and Venue. From the sprawling, gorgeous property to the stunning manor house to the one of a kind carriage house for your reception, you won’t find a more beautiful spot. 2. Incredibly Helpful Staff. From start to finish, Rosemont and its staff made wedding planning as simple as can be. My friends and coworkers repeatedly commented to me before the wedding that I was the most relaxed bride they had ever seen. While much of that has to do with my amazing mom, much also has to do with all the effort the Rosemont staff puts in to streamlining the planning process. For example, we did not have to spend time interviewing any vendors because Rosemont has preferred vendors that are phenomenal. 3. Hosting Friends and Family. One of the primary selling points was hosting guests on the property. We had about 70 guests stay with us, and all felt pampered and at home. 4. Incredible Food. David at Celebrations Catering could not have been nicer, more passionate or accommodating. I still can’t get that whatever we wanted for dinner, we could have. I mean, we had five different dinner options for our guests! (For that matter, I also can’t get over Michael, Rosemont’s wedding planner, asking me what we wanted the manor guests to be served for breakfast. When I asked, “What are my options?” Michael replied, “Well, what do you want? We can do anything.” Amazing.) 5. Feels Like Home. Best of all, Biff, Michael, Bill and the rest of the staff really made me and my now-husband feel like part of the Rosemont family. It was the closest thing I can imagine to getting married at my own family’s estate – if we had one!If you want to get married in the Virginia countryside, there is no better place than Rosemont.” -Katie the gazebo is a perfect spot for your Northern Virginia intimate wedding “Rosemont is the perfect wedding setting and a hidden gem! All of our guests were amazed that they hadn’t been to this gorgeous place before. We did the full wedding weekend package and it was perfect. It was so wonderful to have all of our family and friends together there for the weekend. It also made everything much more relaxing.We kicked off the weekend with a great rehearsal dinner out on the portico Friday night, the view from the dinner tables was breathtaking. On Saturday morning almost everyone took a leisurely walk around the property and just enjoyed the great weather and beautiful scenery. It did start to rain about an hour before the ceremony and everyone was so helpful and flexible, all of the ceremony items were moved up to the portico and I don’t think anyone even noticed the rain.For the experience and atmosphere here it is well worth the cost, which is actually very reasonable considering everything that is included.” — Kelly Historic-Rosemont-Manor-Berryville-Virginia-Wedding-Photographer, Historic-Rosemont-Manor-Berryville-Virginia-Wedding-Site, Historic-Rosemont-Manor-Berryville-Virginia-Weddings, Historic-Rosemont-Manor-Berryville-Virginia-Weddings, Rosemont-Manor-1811-Berryville-Virginia-Wedding-Ceremony-Reception, Rosemont-Manor-Berryville-Virginia-Weddings, Historic-Rosemont-Manor-1811-Berryville-Virginia, Historic-Rosemont-Manor-Berryville-Virginia-Wedding-Ceremony-Reception, Historic-Rosemont-Manor-Berryville-Virginia-Wedding-Decor, Historic-Rosemont-Manor-Berryville-Virginia-Wedding-Photography, Historic-Rosemont-Manor-Berryville-Virginia-Wedding-Venue, Photographer-Rodney-Bailey-Rosemont-Manor-Berryville-Virginia-Wedding-Ceremony-Reception, Rosemont-Manor-1811-Berryville-VA-Wedding, Rosemont-Manor-1811-Berryville-Virginia-Wedding-Ceremony-Reception, Rosemont-Manor-1811-Berryville-Virginia-Wedding-Ceremony-Reception, Rosemont-Manor-1811-Berryville-Virginia-Wedding-Ceremony-Reception, Rosemont-Manor-1811-Berryville-Virginia-Wedding-Ceremony-Reception, Rosemont-Manor-1811-Berryville-Virginia-Wedding-Photography

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